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HT3935-7FR-250 (2.5-Inch-Roll)

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HI-TAK FR TAPE (12') (2.5-Inch-Roll)


    The premier polyurethane rolled sealant designed by Av-DEC to protect aircraft structures and surfaces from corrosion, this product is formerly known as HI-TAK Tape. Reduces corrosion on the aircraft structure, cutting down on costly and labor-intensive corrosion-related repairs. For use under compression between two surfaces where electrical bonding is not required. Replace moisture-retaining products under floorboards. FR formulation passes 12-second Vertical Burn Test per 14 CFR, PART 25-Subpart D, § 25.853 Compartment interiors & § 25.855 Cargo or baggage compartments Appendix F, Part I, (a)(1)(ii) (12 sec vertical test)


    Technical Specifications
    Aviation Devices & Electronic Components LLC (AV-DEC)


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