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Aerospheres offers repacking for a number a different products lines, our expertise is in composites, prepregs and also a wide range of chemicals and general consumable products. We are approved by the OEM’s to offer this service also have a dedicated facility for this process that is approved by 3M.

To ensure traceability and safety, all of our products are labelled, and we provide the original certification of origin. Temperature recording is also available with products that require it.

Our repacking methods allow for easier transportation and less wastage of goods for our customers, resulting in savings due to our quick response time.

/ Composites and Prepreg Material

Most composites are supplied with large MOQ’s, (300 or 500 yards rolls) with long lead times, limited products life and it has always been a challenge to hold this material and to meet customer requirement. For over 20 years we have become market leaders and specialist offering smaller sized rolls cut into 5 yards that are ready to ship, we offer this service for a number of products from Solvay, Hexcel and 3M.

/ Film Adhesives

High-quality aerospace structural adhesive solutions are required for aircraft structural materials, parts, and engines to ensure a safe and reliable fleet for airline operators. We offer dry ice shipping to transport the product as it must be stored under specific conditions.

/ Decanting

From 210 litres (55 gallons) to almost any size (US gallon, quart & litres), we can repackage these products to meet your needs using our specialised facilities. All repackaging is carried out by trained staff who adhere to our ISO repacking approvals.