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Material Management

Material management is a core supply chain function that we offer for customers where we manage the complete supply chain process. Aerospheres can offer to manage the stock replenishment of all chemical products as part of a consignment or just in time solution.

This allows us to plan and execute supply chain capabilities and communicate information regarding material needs throughout the extended supply chain, as well as offer material replenishment plans and determining inventory levels to hold for raw materials, WIP and finished goods.

/ Consignments

We have taken consignment stock and made this even more effective for our customers. We assure you have sufficient stock onsite to meet 2-3 months usage and have weekly/monthly replenishment schedules. We also make certain there is additional buffer at our local facilities, as we know customers have limited space, and managing Dangerous Goods (DG)/Hazardous material and temperature-controlled products can be difficult and costly.

There are also no minimum order values of quantities, and you will be invoiced on consumption. This is beneficial as it reduces the AOG/work stoppage related costs, and you always have stock on hand.

/ Just In Time (JIT)

  1. Where we will determine a monthly quantity of stock to hold for you which you can pull with a call off order.
  2. Both sides maintain a months worth of usage quantity.
  3. As soon as min level is reached at your end, you can pull next months worth of material from us.
  4. Delivery will be agreed EX Works or DAP.

/ Benefits & Savings to Customers

  • Single customer management for Sealants, Tapes, Cleaning, Adhesive, Desiccants and Lubricants.
  • Buffer stock to meet unforested demand held with Aerospheres.
  • Reduced number of purchase orders and administration cost.
  • Significant savings in material cost to be identified.
  • Reduced scrappage, material will never be over stocked.
  • Just in time stock (onsite stock replenishment).
  • Reduced customer inventory exposure.
  • General efficiencies in stock management.
  • Improved cash flow to customer.

To find out more about this services and if you can benefit from this, please contact us for further information.