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3M 250 (1-Inch-Roll)

$55.35 excl VAT
Ordered on request
Introducing Scotch® Flatback Masking Tape 250, designed for all your bundling and holding needs where a robust paper backing is crucial. This tape offers superior performance with its aggressive adhesive, strong tensile strength, and easy unwind feature. Ideal for indoor use, it securely wraps and holds materials, providing reliability for demanding applications.


    Scotch Flatback Masking Tape 250 is your go-to solution for all bundling and holding needs where a robust paper backing is essential. This tape is engineered for demanding applications, providing superior performance and reliability with its aggressive adhesive and strong paper backing.

    Key features:

    • Aggressive Rubber Adhesive: Ensures instant adhesion to a variety of surfaces, offering a strong and reliable bond.
    • Durable Backing: The treated flat stock backing provides excellent tensile strength, resisting breakage under stress.
    • Easy Unwind: Special backsize treatment allows for a controlled, easy unwind, making it user-friendly and efficient to apply.
    • Indoor Use Recommended: Not suitable for outdoor exposure as it may become difficult to remove after extended periods.


    Scotch Flatback Masking Tape 250 is versatile, making it ideal for holding and bundling materials, particularly when a stronger paper backing is required. It is also perfect for securely wrapping items. While 3M no longer qualifies this tape for obsolete standards like MIL-F-18264D, it has been used in testing according to ASTM D-3359.

    Don't settle for less when it comes to securing your materials.


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