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Leading the surface treatment industry, Chemetall, a division of BASF Coatings, offers tailored solutions for aerospace and various other sectors.

With over 30 years of experience, Chemetall prioritises quality, timely delivery, and eco-friendly practices.

Operating globally in more than 40 locations, Chemetall excels in metal protection, forming aid, painting preparation, and coating adhesion.

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Concentrated liquids with surfactants, alkaline additives, and corrosion inhibitors. They meet industry standards, effectively removing grease, oil, and other contaminants from aircraft, ensuring a flawless result.

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Chemetall consumables enhance aircraft sealant adhesion on metal & painted surfaces. Their products feature precise surface preparation for reliable bonding with polysulfide sealants, ensuring quality and consistency.

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Versatile and easy to apply, this lubricant ensures structural integrity in diverse conditions, compatible with various aircraft components for comprehensive protection.

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Discover why Aviation experts rely on Chemetall's outstanding skills and knowledge. Chemetall serves as an accredited and forward-thinking ally, providing a comprehensive and advanced range of products and services for OEMs, subcontractors, and MROs. This enables the aerospace industry to achieve new levels of success, supported by both local and global assistance.

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