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ARDROX-6484A (25-Ltr-Ctnr)

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Aircraft Exterior Cleaner (25-Litre-Container)ARDROX-6484A by Chemetall - Biodegradable formula for spotless exteriors. Meet industry standards. Buy now!


    Discover the efficacy of ARDROX-6484A, an aircraft exterior cleaner by Chemetall. This cleaner is formulated with biodegradable surfactants, alkaline additives, and corrosion inhibitors.

    Product Description:

    Its liquid concentrate formulation combines biodegradable surfactants, alkaline additives, and corrosion inhibitors to deliver exceptional cleaning results. From grease and oil to other contaminants, ARDROX-6484A efficiently eliminates them, ensuring spotless aircraft exteriors and interiors.

    Key Features:

    • Formulated with biodegradable surfactants, alkaline additives, and corrosion inhibitors
    • Effective removal of grease, oil, and contaminants
    • Designed to meet strict environmental standards
    • Suitable for aircraft exteriors and interiors
    • Easily rinsed off with water

    Conformance and Compliance:

    ARDROX-6484A adheres to a range of industry specifications, including;

    • Boeing D6-17487
    • Boeing D6-7127
    • SAE ARP 1755
    • SAE AMS 1526
    • SAE AMS 1530
    • SAE AMS 1535
    • SAE AMS 1550
    • US DoD MIL-PRF-87937 Type IV

    This aligns with the stringent standards of the aviation industry.

    Application and Versatility:

    ARDROX-6484A can be used as a concentrate or diluted in water (5-20% by volume), depending on contamination levels. Application methods are flexible, allowing for spraying or brushing. Its efficiency in removing soiling varies based on the surface type and degree of contamination. Thorough rinsing with water completes the process.

    Technical Excellence:

    ARDROX-6484A is gentle on various materials. It is non-corrosive to metals, plastics, composites, and paints. Rigorous testing affirms its compatibility with materials like aluminum alloys, magnesium, titanium, and steel. Storing it in stainless steel or mild steel tanks is recommended.

    Storage and Safety:

    Ensure proper storage in a cool environment, protecting the product from freezing conditions. Prior to use, refer to relevant Safety Data Sheets for safe operation. Waste release should comply with national and local regulations.

    Elevate Aircraft Maintenance:

    Experience the advanced cleaning capabilities of ARDROX-6484A. Its formulation, compliance with industry standards, and material compatibility make it a valuable asset in aviation maintenance.


    Technical Specifications


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