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NAFTOSEAL-MC110 (250-ml-Btl)

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Expiry Date: 31/Oct/2024

warningHazardous Material


ADHESION PROMOTOR (Kit 25) (250-ml-Bottle)

Elevate aircraft sealant adhesion with precision. Enhance bonding for metal & painted surfaces. Trusted Chemetall quality.


    Introducing NAFTOSEAL-MC110 Adhesion Promoter (250 ml Bottle): Elevate Surface Preparation for Polysulfide Sealants Optimal adhesion for polysulfide sealants with NAFTOSEAL-MC110 Adhesion Promoter. Designed for the meticulous requirements of the aftermarket aircraft industry, this adhesion promoter enhances the bonding of polysulfide sealants to metal and solvent-resistant painted surfaces.

    Product Overview:

    NAFTOSEAL-MC110 is a one-component adhesion promoter meticulously crafted to elevate surface preparation. This promoter, suitable for use with polysulfide sealants, serves as a vital step before sealant application. It features a combination of volatile organic solvents and surface-activating agents, ensuring a reliable and consistent bond.

    Key Features:

    • Precision Surface Preparation: NAFTOSEAL-MC110 is designed to prime metal and solvent-resistant painted surfaces with precision, creating an ideal bonding surface for polysulfide sealants.
    • Effective Composition: This adhesion promoter consists of a blend of volatile organic solvents and surface-activating agents, ensuring optimal bonding conditions.
    • Distinctive Color: Identified by its red hue, NAFTOSEAL-MC110 is easily recognizable and helps achieve uniform application.
    • Application Flexibility: Suitable for application via clean, lint-free gauze or brush, NAFTOSEAL-MC110 adapts to different surface preparation needs.

    Surface Preparation:

    Thorough surface preparation is key to optimal adhesion. Cleanse surfaces using a suitable solvent to eliminate dirt, grease, and processing oils. Prior to applying NAFTOSEAL-MC110, ensure the surface is free from contaminants that might interfere with adhesion.

    Application Method:

    Applying NAFTOSEAL-MC110 requires attention to detail. Use clean, lint-free gauze or a brush on dry, solvent-cleaned surfaces. Wipe off excess while it's still wet using clean gauze sponges. The substrate surface should retain a consistent pale red color, indicating proper application.

    Storage and Shelf Life:

    NAFTOSEAL-MC110 boasts a shelf life of 6 months from the packaging date when stored below 26°C in its original, unopened container. To prevent overexposure to atmospheric moisture, ensure containers are closed when not in use. If cloudiness occurs due to hydrolysis from excessive moisture, it's advisable to discard the product.

    Manufacturer Credibility:

    Chemetall, a renowned name in the industry, brings you NAFTOSEAL-MC110 Adhesion Promoter. Their commitment to quality and precision shines through in every aspect of this product.

    NAFTOSEAL-MC110 Adhesion Promoter (250 ml Bottle) is your partner in achieving optimal adhesion for polysulfide sealants. Elevate your aircraft maintenance with a product that prioritizes precision, reliability, and industry expertise. Choose NAFTOSEAL-MC110 for meticulous surface preparation that ensures a steadfast bond in every application.


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