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Introducing AkzoNobel Aerodur® Clearcoat UVR (5-Ltr-Tin), a premium 3-component polyurethane topcoat designed to enhance and protect exterior surfaces. Renowned for superior UV resistance and high gloss finish, it offers extended durability and exceptional performance against dirt, pollutants, and chemicals. Ideal for aircraft and demanding environments, it simplifies maintenance with easy-to-clean properties and meets German VBF: A2 safety standards. Elevate your finishes with Aerodur® Clearcoat UVR for lasting beauty and resilience.


    AkzoNobel Aerodur® Clearcoat UVR (5-Ltr-Tin) is a premium, 3-component polyurethane topcoat designed to enhance and protect exterior polyurethane decoration schemes. Renowned for its superior UV resistance and high gloss finish, this clearcoat ensures extended durability. Whether applied to aircraft or other exterior surfaces, Aerodur® Clearcoat UVR delivers exceptional performance, maintaining its pristine condition over time without succumbing to dirt or environmental pollutants.
    Key features:
    • No Dirt Retention: Engineered to repel dirt and contaminants, ensuring surfaces remain clean and visually appealing.
    • Easy to Clean: Simplifies maintenance with a surface that is effortless to wipe down and keep spotless.
    • Chemical Resistance: Robust against aircraft hydraulic fluids and other harsh chemicals, maintaining its integrity and appearance.
    • Compliance: Meets German legislation VBF: A2 standards, with a safe flashpoint above 21°C, ensuring reliable performance and safety.
    AkzoNobel Aerodur® Clearcoat UVR (5-Ltr-Tin) is ideal for use on aircraft exteriors and other demanding environments where durability, high gloss, and ease of maintenance are critical. It’s perfect for aviation applications, protecting and enhancing polyurethane decoration schemes with unmatched resilience and visual appeal.
    Experience the unparalleled protection and lasting beauty of AkzoNobel Aerodur® Clearcoat UVR (5-Ltr-Tin). Elevate your exterior finishes with a topcoat that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time. 


    Technical Specifications
    AkzoNobel - Aerodur


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