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AeroShell ASG64 (400-Gram-Cart)

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Expiry Date: 13/Apr/2029
Introducing ASG64 (400-Gram-Cart) by Shell Aviation, the cutting-edge grease for high-load, sliding aircraft applications. With molybdenum disulphide enhancement, it ensures exceptional pressure resistance. Trusted by Boeing and Airbus, ASG64 simplifies inventory management while guaranteeing compliance and reliability.


    Introducing ASG64 (400-Gram-Cart), the cutting-edge solution for your aircraft's high-load, sliding applications. Developed by Shell Aviation, this grease stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in aviation maintenance.

    Key features:

    • Molybdenum Disulphide Enhancement: ASG64 incorporates molybdenum disulphide, providing extreme pressure characteristics essential for highly loaded, sliding applications on airframes.
    • Exceptional Performance: Built upon the advanced grease technology of its predecessor, Aeroshell Grease 33, ASG64 guarantees exceptional anti-corrosion and anti-wear performance.
    • Wide Approval Spectrum: Approved by industry giants such as Boeing, Airbus, COMAC, and meeting stringent standards like MIL-G-21164D and DEF STAN 91-57, ASG64 ensures compliance and reliability.
    • Streamlined Inventory Management: By offering a single solution for high-load, sliding applications, ASG64 enables aircraft operators to simplify their grease inventory, reducing the risk of misapplication.


    ASG64 is ideal for a range of aircraft types, including those from Boeing, Airbus, and other leading manufacturers. It is specifically designed for highly loaded, sliding applications on airframes where molybdenum disulphide enhancement is essential for optimal performance.

    Elevate your aircraft maintenance standards with ASG64. Experience the pinnacle of performance, reliability, and compatibility in high-load, sliding applications. Streamline your grease inventory, reduce the risk of misapplication, and ensure optimal performance with ASG64. Choose excellence in aviation maintenance—choose ASG64 today.


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