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Loctite EA9390-A/B (1-Usqt-Kit)

$930.00 excl VAT
Stock expected: 25 Jun 2024Stock location: UK
Introducing Loctite EA 9390-A/B, a premium two-component epoxy adhesive designed for composite repairs in aviation. With low viscosity for easy application, exceptional strength in hot/wet conditions, and superior wetting for robust adhesion to graphite or glass composites, it's ideal for precise, durable aircraft maintenance and restoration. 


    Loctite EA 9390-A/B (1-USQT-KIT) is a premium two-component epoxy adhesive crafted specifically for composite repair in the aviation industry. This adhesive is tailored for high-performance applications, ensuring robust repairs and reliable bonding
    Key features:
    • Low Viscosity: Loctite EA 9390-A/B boasts a low viscosity, making it easy to apply and ensuring thorough penetration into composite materials. This feature is particularly beneficial for intricate repairs where precision and coverage are critical.
    • Good Hot/Wet Strength: This adhesive maintains exceptional strength and integrity even in hot and wet conditions, a crucial quality for aircraft that endure diverse environmental challenges.
    • Good Wetting: With its superior wetting capabilities, Loctite EA 9390-A/B ensures excellent adhesion to graphite or glass composites, promoting strong and durable bonds.
    • High Shear Modulus: The high shear modulus of this epoxy adhesive translates to increased rigidity and stability in repaired components, enhancing overall structural integrity.ed components, enhancing overall structural integrity.
    Loctite EA 9390-A/B is ideal for use in the aviation industry where precision and durability are paramount. It excels in the repair of graphite and glass composites, making it perfect for aircraft maintenance and restoration projects. Whether you're addressing minor damages or undertaking significant structural repairs, this epoxy adhesive ensures your composite repairs meet the highest standards of safety and performance.
    Choose Loctite EA 9390-A/B today and see the difference in quality and performance.



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