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With over 60 years of expertise, NYCO specializes in aviation lubricants including turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases for helicopters, jets, and aircraft.

As Europe's leading producer of synthetic ester-based stocks, their high-performance solutions meet international standards for military, oil & gas, MROs, and more. 

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Discover Nycolube Specialty Lubricants: a top-tier selection crafted for diverse industries. Renowned for excellence, they safeguard machinery in challenging conditions, trusted globally for reliability and performance. Elevate your operations with NYCO's premium lubrication solutions.

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Hydraulic Fluids

Discover Hydraunycoil Hydraulic Fluids, a trusted solution for diverse industries. From aviation to automotive, our range ensures peak performance and longevity for hydraulic systems. Experience reliability and quality with NYCO's Hydraunycoil range, meeting the most demanding standards.

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Turbine Oils

Discover Turbonycoil by NYCO, recognised for aviation and industrial use. These premier turbine oils excel in performance and protection, engineered to ensure reliability, efficiency, smooth operations, and prolonged equipment lifespan. Perfect for aviation and industrial professionals.

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Explore NYCO's extensive selection of lubricants designed for use in commercial and military aircraft, including helicopters.

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As an authorised distributor and with one of the largest stocks of Nyco products in Europe, we are pleased to offer turbine engine oils, greases, and hydraulic fluids for commercial. Approved use for all Boeing and Airbus, approved to MIL-PRF. Order from our expansive stock of Nyco products today.

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