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NYCO-GN148 (1-kg-Can)

$48.84 excl VAT
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Introducing Nyco Grease GN 148: An NLGI 2 Grade grease crafted from synthetic oils for superior performance. With exceptional anti-rust properties and high lubrication capability, it thrives in harsh conditions. Ideal for aircraft components like doors, landing gear, and more. Experience unmatched reliability for your aviation lubrication needs!


    Nyco Grease GN 148 is a top-notch NLGI 2 Grade grease, meticulously crafted from a blend of synthetic diester oils and synthetic hydrocarbon basestock, and fortified with a complex lithium soap thickener. Engineered to excel in the harshest conditions, this grease boasts remarkable anti-rust properties, even in saline environments, and delivers exceptional lubrication performance even under extreme loads.
    Key features:
    • Exceptional Anti-Rust Properties: Nyco Grease GN 148 stands out with its outstanding resistance to rust, ensuring longevity and reliability in challenging environments.
    • High Lubrication Capability: Designed to perform under extreme loads, this grease provides superior lubrication, contributing to smoother operations and reduced wear and tear.
    • Wide Temperature Range: With a temperature range spanning from -73°C to +135°C, Nyco Grease GN 148 is versatile enough to be used across a variety of aircraft mechanisms, from low-speed applications to high-speed bearings.
    • Multipurpose Application: Suitable for a range of aircraft components including doors, slats, flaps, landing gear, and THS, Nyco Grease GN 148 is the go-to choice for both civil and military aircraft and helicopters.
    Nyco Grease GN 148 finds its place as a multipurpose grease in the aviation industry, catering to the lubrication needs of various critical aircraft components. Whether it's ensuring smooth operation of doors and flaps or providing essential lubrication for landing gear, this grease is up to the task.
    Experience the unmatched performance and reliability of Nyco Grease GN 148 for your aircraft lubrication needs.


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