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Henkel TEROSTAT81 (25-mm-Roll)

$78.73 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 27/Nov/2025
Introducing Terostat 81, a premium sealant tape crafted from butyl rubber. With plasto-elastic properties and strong adhesive bond, it's perfect for diverse industrial sealing needs. Ideal for trim panels, protective coverings, and container sectors. With a temperature range of -40°C to 80°C, it excels in sheet metal fabrication and machinery engineering.


    Terostat 81 is a versatile and high-performance sealing tape engineered with precision to meet a myriad of industrial sealing needs. Crafted from butyl rubber, this product boasts plasto-elastic properties, ensuring a robust adhesive bond and reliable sealing in diverse applications.

    Key Features:

    • Technology: Harnessing the power of butyl rubber, Terostat 81 offers superior performance in sealing applications. Butyl rubber is renowned for its excellent impermeability to gases and moisture, making it an ideal choice for ensuring long-lasting seals
    •  Exceptional Tackiness: One of Terostat 81's standout features is its exceptional tackiness. This tacky nature enables easy application and firm lamination between contact surfaces, ensuring reliable adhesion and sealing even in challenging conditions.
    •  Durability: Built to last, Terostat 81 offers exceptional durability, making it suitable for applications where longevity is paramount. Whether exposed to harsh weather conditions, chemicals, or mechanical stress, this sealant maintains its seal integrity, ensuring continued protection over time.


    Terostat 81 proves indispensable across diverse industries, serving a multitude of purposes. Its applications include sealing and antiflutter functions for trim panels, protective coverings, and panels within the container and tank sectors. Additionally, it excels in sealing overlaps in various materials like steel, aluminum, glass, and plastic constructions, primarily in sheet metal fabrication, electrical, and machinery engineering.

    Experience the unparalleled sealing capabilities of Terostat 81 for your industrial needs. Whether you require reliable sealing in harsh environments or robust bonding solutions, Terostat 81 delivers unmatched performance.


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