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PATCO9425FR (2-Inch-Roll)

$145.00 excl VAT
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Unveil aircraft defense with PATCO9425FR. Corrosion, moisture & abrasion barrier for peak performance.


Unveil a cutting-edge solution to aircraft protection with PATCO9425FR Polyurethane Protective Tape Mylar, meticulously crafted by Patco to cater to the stringent demands of the aftermarket aircraft industry. This 2-inch by 36-yard roll, known as SealDryFR™ Moisture Barrier Tape, offers a comprehensive defense against corrosion, moisture, and abrasion.

Product Overview:

Crafted for ultimate protection, this tape features a Flame Retardant (FR) Interior-Grade Aromatic Polyurethane backing coupled with a Hydrophobic Acrylic adhesive and a resilient Blue HDPE liner. Transparent in color, it surpasses expectations with its superior performance and multifaceted benefits.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Polyurethane Film Backing: The FR Interior-Grade Aromatic Polyurethane backing offers unrivaled protection against corrosion, moisture, and abrasion, ensuring the longevity of critical aircraft components.
  • Hydrophobic Acrylic Adhesive: The Hydrophobic Acrylic adhesive forms a secure bond while resisting moisture, safeguarding against the elements even in challenging environments.
  • Blue HDPE Liner: The Blue HDPE liner not only facilitates clean removal with no residue but also adds the advantage of being die cuttable for precise applications.
  • Stringent Specifications: Compliant with FAR 25.853(a), BMS 8-346 Type I, Class 3, and Bombardier BAMS 535-007 Type VI specifications, PATCO9425FR sets industry standards for excellence.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Aircraft Corrosion Protection: Shield aircraft components from corrosive elements, preserving their integrity and extending their lifespan.
  • Cargo Area Moisture Protection: Ensure moisture-free cargo compartments, preventing damage caused by moisture-related issues.
  • Abrasion Guard: Safeguard against wear and tear, maintaining the visual appeal and functionality of aircraft surfaces.
  • Floor Seam Protection: Offer wet areas of the aircraft enhanced protection with this tape's moisture-resistant attributes.
  • Aircraft Seat Track Protection: Extend the life of seat tracks with the reliable barrier.


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