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Polyken P55 (50-mm-Roll)

$104.41 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 26/Apr/2026
Introducing Polyken P55: The ultimate flame retardant double coated cloth tape. With Airbus and Boeing QPL approvals, it's trusted in aerospace. Its quick stick adhesive ensures swift, strong bonding while the cloth backing ensures durability and residue-free removal. Available in white (P-55) and black (P-55B), it's versatile for aviation, automotive, and construction needs. 


    Polyken P55 is a standout in the realm of flame retardant double coated cloth backed tapes. Designed for high performance, it's more than just a carpet installation tape—it's a reliable solution that holds Airbus and Boeing QPL approvals, making it a top choice for aerospace applications. But its utility doesn't stop there; it's equally adept in housing and construction settings.
    Key features:
    • Quick Stick Adhesive: The high performance rubber adhesive ensures swift adhesion, with bonding that strengthens over time.
    • Durability and Residue-free Removal: Its cloth backing not only enhances durability and strength but also ensures minimal residue upon removal.
    • Color Options: Available in both white (P-55) and black (P-55B) variants to suit different aesthetic preferences.
    • Flame Retardant: Both P-55 and P-55B are engineered to be flame retardant, adding an extra layer of safety.
    Polyken P55, designed to meet aviation standards, is commonly employed for carpet installation in commercial aircraft and stairs. Its applications span beyond aviation, finding utility in automotive interiors for carpet fastening, as well as for splicing foils and securing vinyl. With its versatility, it adheres to various surfaces including plastics, metals, cloth, concrete, unfinished wood, and glass, making it useful in general construction tasks such as mounting kick plates and trim strips.
    Upgrade your carpet installation game with POLYKEN P55


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