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Arlon MOX-620B (1-Inch-Roll)

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Expiry Date: 07/Dec/2024
Introducing Arlon Mox-620B (1-INCH-ROLL), the premier choice for aerospace and MRO insulation needs. Crafted with precision from specialized silicone rubber, Mox-Tape Self-Fusing silicone tapes deliver unmatched performance and reliability, withstanding extreme temperatures and environmental challenges for superior insulation in critical systems.


    Introducing Arlon Mox-620B (1-INCH-ROLL), the ultimate solution for insulative needs in aerospace and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industries. Engineered with precision using specially formulated silicone rubber, Mox-Tape  Self-Fusing silicone tapes offer unparalleled performance and reliability.
    Key features:
    • Self-Fusing Technology: Mox-Tape bonds irreversibly upon application, forming a durable insulative barrier.
    • Wide Temperature Range: Withstanding temperatures from -54°C up to +260°C (-65°F up to +500°F), it ensures consistent performance even in extreme conditions.
    • Resistant to Environmental Factors: Moisture, oxygen, ozone, and corona pose no threat thanks to its exceptional resistance properties.
    • Superior Electrical Insulation: Achieving a dielectric strength of 300 VPM minimum at 180°C (356°F), it guarantees robust electrical insulation.
    ARLON MOX-620B is widely used in aerospace and MRO industries for various purposes. It's commonly employed in aircraft wiring harnesses to ensure dependable insulation in essential electrical systems, as well as in engine components to shield sensitive parts from environmental elements and electrical interference. Moreover, it's favored for maintenance and repair tasks, offering efficient solutions for both immediate fixes and long-term issues.
    Experience the unmatched quality of Arlon Mox-620B today! Elevate your aerospace and MRO operations with the reliability and performance of Mox-Tape Self-Fusing silicone tapes. 


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