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NewMet Limited HT606A-4X25 (20-Mtr-LG)

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Introducing the NewMet Limited HT606A-4X25 (20-Mtr-LG), a premium silicone foam with AD adhesive backing for easy application. With low density, low compression set, fire retardance, non-toxic materials, and resistance to UV, ozone, and extreme temperatures, it's ideal for aircraft insulation, automotive gaskets, mass transit safety, and electronics protection.
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NewMet Limited
NewMet Limited
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    Introducing the NewMet Limited HT606A-4X25 (20-Mtr-LG), a premium-grade silicone foam designed to meet the rigorous demands of various high-performance industries. This exceptional product combines the superior qualities of HT603A silicone foam with an added AD adhesive backing, ensuring unparalleled ease of application and enhanced durability.
    Key features:
    • Low Density & Low Compression Set: The HT606A foam provides a perfect balance of lightweight properties and minimal compression set, making it ideal for applications requiring consistent performance and reliability over time.
    • Fire Retardant: Engineered to be fire retardant, this foam enhances safety by significantly reducing the risk of fire propagation.
    • Non-Toxic: Made from non-toxic materials, the HT606A ensures safety for both users and the environment.
    • UV & Ozone Resistant: The foam's resistance to UV rays and ozone makes it perfect for outdoor and demanding industrial applications, as it maintains integrity and performance under harsh conditions.
    • Extreme Temperature Endurance: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the HT606A performs reliably in both high and low-temperature environments, ensuring versatility across various applications.
    The NewMet Limited HT606A-4X25 foam is designed for versatile applications across various industries. In the aircraft industry, it offers insulation, sealing, and vibration damping, ensuring safety and reliability. In the automotive sector, it serves as gaskets, seals, and cushioning, providing durability and resistance to automotive fluids. It is also ideal for mass transit systems like trains and buses, where fire safety and durability are crucial. Additionally, it provides excellent insulation and protection for sensitive electronic components in the electronics industry.
    Order now to experience the unparalleled quality and performance of HT606A foam for yourself!


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