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A810R0025H000SD (1-Inch-Roll)

$227.72 excl VAT
Stock expected: 04 Mar 2024Stock location: UK

WHITE HOOK FIRE/RET. S/SDH.(25YD) (1-Inch-Roll) 



    Product Features:

    • Built to Last: Crafted from 100% polyester, this tape is designed to endure the harshest conditions. Whether you're working in liquid or marine environments, you can trust its exceptional resistance to humidity.
    • Outdoor-Ready: With a superb resistance to UV rays, this tape excels in outdoor applications. It won't degrade or lose its effectiveness even when exposed to the sun's harsh rays.
    • Secure Closure: The tape features a smart closure system consisting of mono-filament hooks and non-brushed loops. This combination ensures a strong and reliable bond, giving you peace of mind knowing your fastening needs are met.
    • Multiple Attachment Methods: Whether you prefer bonding, sewing, welding, or stapling, this tape can adapt to your specific needs. It's designed for convenience and ease of use.
    • Physical Characteristics: Exceptional Temperature Resistance: This tape can withstand temperatures of up to 140°C, making it an ideal choice for high-temperature environments. It also performs exceptionally well in cold conditions.
    • Chemical and Liquid Resilience: The tape is resistant to low acids, alkalis, trichloroethylene, and hydrocarbons. It's also resilient in seawater environments. However, please note that it is sensitive to strong acids, alkalis, and alcohols.
    • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze with this tape. It can be washed at 60°C, dry cleaned, and even dried and ironed in the closed condition, ensuring it stays in top shape throughout its lifespan.
    • Approved and Certified: For peace of mind, our fire-retardant version of this tape complies with various industry standards, including AIRCRAFT FAR/EASA CS 25-853 Appendix F Part 1 (a)(1)(ii) 12s, BMS 8-285 J, and AUTOMOTIVE FMVSS-302.


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