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3M 950 (100-mm-Roll)

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Expiry Date: 26/Jul/2025

TRANSFER TAPE (55M) (100-mm-Roll)

3M's 950 Transfer Tape offers unmatched bonding for diverse materials. Elevate your projects with reliable adhesion.


    Discover the unparalleled bonding prowess of the 950 Transfer Tape, carefully engineered by the industry leader, 3M. It provides exceptional initial adhesion and shear holding power across a wide array of materials, including plastics.

    Product Description:

    The 950 Transfer Tape boasts a modified acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system.

    Key Features:

    Modified acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive

    High initial adhesion

    Good shear holding power on diverse materials, including plastics

    Clear tape with Tan paper release liner

    Operating temperature range: -40°C to 120°C


    The strength of the bond is influenced by the adhesive-to-surface contact. Applying firm pressure enhances adhesive contact and subsequently improves bond strength. To ensure optimal adhesion, surfaces should be clean, dry, and unified. A suitable surface cleaning solvent like isopropyl alcohol can be used.

    Versatile Applications:

    The 950 Transfer Tape finds its place in a plethora of applications:

    Splicing of film, foils, fabrics, and coated papers

    Laminating adhesive for foams, photos, fabrics, metal or plastic nameplates

    General-purpose holding and mounting tasks

    Its modified acrylic adhesive system, superior initial adhesion, and compatibility with various materials make it the go-to solution for secure bonding.


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