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3M-8979 (1-Roll)

$46.83 excl VAT
49 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 29/Oct/2024
Introducing 3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979. With clean removal for up to six months, durable UV resistance, and easy tear-by-hand application, it's the ultimate choice. Perfect for repairs, labeling, bundling, and sealing across industries. Reliable performance for professionals everywhere.


    The 3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979 stands out with its remarkable versatility and reliability. Whether indoors or outdoors, this tape delivers clean removal without leaving stubborn residue on most surfaces for up to six months. 
    Key features:
    • Clean Removal: Offers hassle-free removal from most surfaces, indoors or outdoors, for up to six months.
    • Durable Construction: Resistant to delamination and deterioration, even when exposed to UV rays for up to one year.
    • Easy Application: Features moderate roll unwinding force and tear-by-hand capability for effortless handling.
    • Versatile Adhesion: The rubber adhesive provides a strong initial stick to various surfaces, ensuring reliable bonding.
    From temporary repairs to labeling, bundling, and sealing, the 3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979 is a go-to solution for professionals across industries. Whether you're in construction, automotive, or aerospace, this tape offers unmatched performance and reliability.
    Elevate your projects with the unmatched performance of 3M Performance Plus Duct Tape 8979. 


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