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Polyken 296FR (2-Inch-Roll)

$124.53 excl VAT
60 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 10/Oct/2025
Introducing Polyken 296FR (2-Inch-Roll): A robust adhesive tape engineered for demanding environments, blending exceptional strength with flame resistance. Featuring a bromide-free acrylic adhesive and reinforced with fiberglass cloth, it ensures steadfast bonding in critical applications


    Polyken 296FR (2-Inch-Roll) stands out as a reliable solution for demanding applications requiring both exceptional adhesive strength and flame resistance. Crafted with a bromide-free acrylic adhesive, this product assures peace of mind in environments where safety is paramount.

    Key features:

    • Fiberglass Cloth: The incorporation of fiberglass cloth enhances the adhesive's durability and resilience, ensuring steadfast bonding even in rigorous conditions.
    • Bromide-Free Acrylic Adhesive: The bromide-free formulation prioritizes safety without compromising on performance, making it an ideal choice for applications where toxic emissions must be minimized.
    • Compliance: Complies with FAR 25.853(a) & 25.855(d). 


    Polyken 296FR finds its niche in a variety of applications, including cargo pit applications for freight carrying aircraft, seaming and repairing cargo compartment liners, and covering pins and rivets. 

    Whether it's securing cargo or reinforcing critical components, Polyken 296FR is the adhesive of choice for demanding applications. Invest in Polyken 296FR (2-Inch-Roll) today. 


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