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Orcon Corp 12240N020 (2-Inch-Roll)

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Expiry Date: 28/Feb/2027
Introducing Orcon Corp 12240N020 (2-INCH-ROLL) with Orcotape OT-40N. This double-sided reinforced polyester tape is perfect for aircraft flooring, offering secure bonding without residue. Featuring lightweight design and easy application, it's ideal for carpets, padding, and galley mats. 


    Experience the superior performance of Orcon Corp 12240N020 (2-INCH-ROLL) with Orcotape OT-40N. This lightweight double-sided pressure-sensitive reinforced polyester tape is engineered for aircraft floor coverings, including carpet, padding, and galley mats. With its unique formulation, this tape offers a secure bond while leaving no residue upon removal, ensuring a clean aircraft floor surface.
    Key features:
    • Differential Tack: Orcotape OT-40N features a differential tack design for easy application and secure bonding.
    • Lightweight Construction: Designed to meet Fed Std 191, Method 5041, this tape provides reliable performance without adding unnecessary weight to the aircraft.
    • Standard Packaging: Each roll comes in a standard length and width, making it convenient for various aircraft flooring applications.
    • Residue-Free Removal: Leaves no residue when removed from the aircraft floor surface, maintaining cleanliness and minimizing maintenance efforts.
    Ideal for adhering aircraft floor coverings such as carpet, padding, and galley mats to the aircraft flooring, Orcotape OT-40N ensures a secure bond without leaving any residue behind. Its lightweight construction and reliable adhesion make it an essential component for maintaining aircraft interiors.
    Elevate your aircraft maintenance and flooring projects with Orcon Corp 12240N020 (2-INCH-ROLL). 


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