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RTV133 (310-ml-Cart)

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Expiry Date: 10/Dec/2024
BLACK SILICONE (310-ml-Cartridge)


RTV133 black, one-component, ready-to-use, silicone rubber adhesive sealant is an excellent candidate to consider for use in applications in the electronic, aerospace, appliance, transportation and other industries where resistance to burning of the finished product is a significant design consideration. On exposure to moisture in the air at room temperature, this adhesive sealant cures to a tough, durable, resilient silicone rubber. It utilizes an atomospheric moisture cure system, which releases an alcohol vapor from the sealant surface during cure. RTV133 sealant offers generally low odor cure with virtually no unpleasant smell or pungent cure by-products. It is, however, somewhat slower curing both in tack-free time and cure-through time than many atmosheric moisture cure silicone adhesive sealants that give off acetic acid vapors as a cure by-product.


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