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PPG PS892CM-2 (130-ml-Semkit)

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Expiry Date: 31/Dec/2024
Introducing PS892CM-2: the ultimate solution for sealing integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins in aircraft. With a wide temperature range and exceptional chemical resistance, it ensures durability and reliability under extreme conditions. Trust PS892CM-2 for secure bonds and lasting protection in aerospace environments.


    Looking for a reliable solution to seal integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins? Look no further than PS892CM-2. With its impressive temperature range of -55°C (-67°F) to 120°C (248°F), this flowable compound delivers exceptional performance in demanding aerospace environments.

    Key features:

    • Temperature Resilience: Operates flawlessly in extreme temperatures, ensuring durability and reliability under varied conditions.
    •  Chemical Resistance: Maintains integrity even after prolonged exposure to jet fuel, aviation gas, and phosphoric ester hydraulic fluids, making it ideal for aircraft applications.
    •  Excellent Adhesion: Bonds securely to common aircraft substrates, providing a resilient seal that withstands the rigors of flight.


    PS892CM-2 is engineered for sealing the faying surfaces of integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins in aircraft. Its resilient sealant properties endure extreme temperatures and exposure to aviation fuels and hydraulic fluids. Suitable for application by brush, trowel, or roller, this compound offers excellent adhesion to various aircraft substrates.

    Ensure the integrity and longevity of your aircraft with PS892CM-2. Its reliable sealing capabilities, temperature resilience, and compatibility with aviation fuels make it a trusted choice for aviation professionals.


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