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PR1773A-2 (100-ml-Semkit)

$114.29 excl VAT
Stock expected: 05 Mar 2024Stock location: UK

Discover sealing excellence with PR1773A-2 (100-ml-Semkit) Access Door Sealant by PPG. Chromate-free and high-performing, it ensures top-notch protection for aircraft and industrial applications.

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    Elevate your aircraft maintenance and sealing projects with PR1773A-2 (100-ml-Semkit) Access Door Sealant, a high-performance product by PPG. This advanced aircraft sealant is engineered to provide exceptional protection and sealing properties, making it an ideal choice for the aerospace industry and beyond.

    Product Highlights:

    • Chromate-Free Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant: PPG PR1773A-2 is a chromate-free sealant, designed to protect against corrosion, a critical consideration for aircraft and sensitive equipment.
    • Temperature Resilience: With a service temperature range from -55°C (-67°F) to 121°C (250°F), and intermittent excursions up to 149°C (300°F), this aircraft sealant excels in extreme environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Versatile Application: PR-1773 Class A is not limited to access door sealing. It's also highly effective at safeguarding electrical wires, terminals, and equipment against fuel, moisture, dirt, and short circuits, providing a comprehensive solution for aviation and industrial needs.
    • Low Adhesion Properties: This sealant stands out with its low adhesion characteristics. Once applied around fasteners, it remains firmly in place on vertical or overhead surfaces without dripping or flowing.

    Performance You Can Trust:

    • Fluid and Corrosion Resistance: With excellent resistance to water, alcohols, synthetic and petroleum-based lubricating oils, and hydraulic fluids, this sealant is engineered to protect against a wide range of substances. It exhibits no signs of corrosion, even after 5000 hours of salt spray exposure.
    • Low-Temperature Flexibility: PR1773A-2 maintains its flexibility at temperatures as low as -55°C (-67°F), preventing cracking, checking, or loss of adhesion.

    Storage and Safety:

    • Storage Life: The storage life of PR-1773 Class A is 6 months when stored in original, unopened containers at temperatures between 4-27°C (39-81°F).
    • Safety: PR1773A-2 is safe to use when proper precautions are followed. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for comprehensive safety information.

    Choose PR1773A-2 (100-ml-Semkit) Access Door Sealant by PPG for your aviation and industrial sealing needs. Its chromate-free, low adhesion, and high-performance properties make it a reliable choice for protecting critical components and ensuring long-term durability.Trust in PPG PR1773A-2 to safeguard your investments and maintain peak performance in challenging environments. Order yours today and experience the difference in sealing excellence.


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