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HYLOMAR-PL32L (100-Gram-Tube)

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Expiry Date: 31/Jul/2025

warningHazardous Material

Hylomar PL32L is a reliable light jointing compound, packaged in a convenient 100-gram tube. This high-performance sealant is designed for various industrial applications, providing effective and durable sealing for joints, threads, and gaskets.


    HyloMar-PL32L (100-Gram-Tube) is a game-changer in the aeronautical industry. Developed in partnership with Rolls Royce - Aerospace Division, this product offers unparalleled sealing capabilities for joints in jet turbine engines. Its polyester-urethane based formula ensures reliability and durability in extreme conditions, making it a must-have for aircraft maintenance.

    Key features:

    • Aerospace Grade: Designed specifically for the aeronautical industry, meeting the rigorous standards set by Rolls Royce.
    • Temperature Resistant: Withstanding temperatures ranging from -500°C to 2500°C (-580°F to 4820°F), ensuring performance even in the most demanding environments.
    • Non-Setting Formula: Allows for precise application and reassembly without immediate pressure, providing flexibility during assembly.
    • Versatile Application: Resistant to various fluids including air, turbine and piston engine combustion products, water, glycol/water mixtures, lubricating oils, gasolines, and more.


    Ideal for jet turbine engine joint sealing, ensuring flight safety and performance, with versatility for various aerospace applications like gasket dressing and metal-to-metal sealing, indispensable for the industry.

    Upgrade your aircraft maintenance routine with HyloMar-PL32L. Ensure superior sealing performance and reliability in extreme conditions. Purchase now and experience the difference in quality and durability.


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