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Hitech Aero Division STOPOFF 110 (1-Qrt-Btl)

$293.71 excl VAT
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BRAZE STOP-OFF (Previously AB110)(1-Litre-Bottle)

Ensure precise aircraft maintenance with our 1-Litre Bottle solution. Trusted by professionals for controlled brazing.


    Experience the efficiency and precision of STOPOFF 110 Braze Stop-Off, now available in a convenient 1 Quart Bottle from Hitech Aero. Designed for the aftermarket aircraft industry, this product is crafted to enhance aircraft maintenance processes with reliability and accuracy.

    Product Overview:

    STOPOFF 110 is a specialized solution crafted by Hitech Aero, a respected name in the aerospace industry. This product is formulated to prevent undesired bonding during the brazing process, ensuring precise and controlled results. With this high-quality stop-off compound, aircraft maintenance professionals can trust in its consistent performance.

    Key Features:

    • Precision Brazing: STOPOFF 110 aids in achieving precise brazing by effectively preventing bonding on designated areas.
    • Reliable Performance: Hitech Aero's commitment to quality guarantees a reliable and consistent product performance.
    • Convenient Size: Available in a 1 Quart Bottle, this product ensures an ample supply for your maintenance tasks.
    • Industry Expertise: Hitech Aero's extensive experience in the aftermarket aircraft industry ensures a product tailored to industry requirements.

    Versatile Applications:

    STOPOFF 110 offers versatility beyond its primary application:

    • Accurate Maintenance: Use STOPOFF 110 to ensure precise and controlled brazing processes during aircraft maintenance.
    • Trusted Quality: Benefit from Hitech Aero's reputation for excellence and reliability, adding confidence to your maintenance procedures.

    Manufacturer Credibility:

    Hitech Aero, known for its industry standing, presents STOPOFF 110 Braze Stop-Off. This product echoes Hitech Aero's commitment to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

    STOPOFF 110 Braze Stop-Off (1 Quart Bottle) offers a reliable solution for precise brazing in aircraft maintenance. Experience the benefits of Hitech Aero's expertise as you streamline your maintenance processes. Elevate your aircraft maintenance with a product that ensures accuracy, reliability, and industry credibility. Embrace STOPOFF 110 for enhanced aircraft maintenance outcomes.


    Technical Specifications
    Hitech Aero Division


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