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CHT Silicones PRIMER-NO6 (100-ml-Can)

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Expiry Date: 31/Aug/2024

warningHazardous Material

Introducing Primer No. 6 Silicone-Based 100ml, a premium-grade primer engineered for aerospace applications. Designed to enhance adhesion and prevent corrosion, this precision-crafted silicone-based primer ensures impeccable bonding in various aeronautical endeavors. 


    Primer No. 6 Silicone-Based 100ml is a top-notch primer that significantly enhances adhesion and guards against corrosion in aerospace projects. Crafted with precision, this silicone-based primer ensures optimal surface preparation, paving the way for impeccable bonding in various aeronautical endeavors.

    Key features:
    • Compatibility with ACC RTV Sealants: Designed to work seamlessly with a wide array of ACC 1 and 2-part Condensation / Moisture curing RTV silicone sealants and rubbers, ensuring versatility and ease of use.
    • Applicability to Non-Porous Surfaces: With its ability to effectively prime non-porous surfaces, this primer proves to be an indispensable asset in aerospace applications, guaranteeing reliable results across different materials.
    • Excellent Adhesion to Most Metals: Offering exceptional bonding capabilities, Primer No. 6 establishes strong adhesion to a variety of metals, ensuring durability and longevity in aerospace projects.
    Primer No. 6 Silicone-Based 100ml finds its niche in aerospace projects, particularly in aircraft coatings and composite materials. Whether it's enhancing adhesion for sealants or providing corrosion protection, this primer delivers consistent performance, making it an essential component in the arsenal of aircraft and MRO companies striving for excellence
    Elevate the quality and longevity of your aerospace projects with Primer No. 6 Silicone-Based 100ml. Unlock superior adhesion and corrosion protection with this meticulously crafted primer. Invest in reliability and performance today!


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