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PPG PR205 (3-Ltr-Tin)

AERO P/N: 105223

SVHC Material. Approval required at Checkout for UK & EU Deliveries.

Hazardous Material
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Expiry Date: 30/Nov/2024
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Introducing PR205 (3-Ltr-Tin): A premium two-pack epoxy primer designed to safeguard aircraft surfaces inside and out. Key features include long-term corrosion protection, low VOC emissions, and the ability to deter microbial growth in fuel tanks. Ideal for fuselages, wings, and fuel tanks, PR205 ensures structural integrity and durability for aircraft components.

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    PR205 (3-Ltr-Tin) is a top-notch two-pack epoxy primer, specially crafted for safeguarding both the internal and external surfaces of aircraft. Its standout features include long-term corrosion protection, a high solid composition, low VOC emissions, and the remarkable ability to deter microbial growth within aircraft fuel tanks. This primer serves as an essential layer in ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of aircraft components.
    Key features:
    • Long-Term Corrosion Inhibition: PR205 provides robust protection against corrosion, safeguarding aircraft surfaces from environmental degradation over extended periods.
    • High Solids, Low VOC: With a high solid content and low volatile organic compound emissions, PR205 ensures superior coverage while minimizing environmental impact.
    • Microbial Growth Inhibition: Its unique formulation actively inhibits microbial growth within aircraft fuel tanks, maintaining fuel quality and safety.
    • Two-Pack System: PR205 comprises a base (PR205) and an activator (ACT205) in a convenient mix ratio, ensuring optimal performance and ease of application.
    PR205 is ideally suited for application in both internal and external aircraft surfaces, offering reliable protection against corrosion and microbial growth. Whether used on fuselages, wings, or within fuel tanks, PR205 provides durable defense against environmental factors, ensuring the longevity and safety of aircraft components.
    Experience the benefits of long-term corrosion inhibition, high solids, low VOC emissions, and microbial growth inhibition. Trust in PR205 to safeguard your aircraft's integrity, longevity, and safety. Purchase now to elevate your aircraft maintenance and protection standards.


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