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AkzoNobel ECL-G-10 (1-USgl-Tin)

$768.78 excl VAT
9 In StockStock location: UK
Expiry Date: 30/Sep/2025

warningHazardous Material

Introducing AkzoNobel's ECL-G-10 Eclipse White BAC7067: Elevate your aircraft with the pinnacle of coating excellence. Experience superior performance, wide compatibility, and lasting protection for a pristine, high-quality aesthetic that exceeds expectations. Trust AkzoNobel for aviation perfection.


    The AkzoNobel ECL-G-10 stands out as a top-tier chemically cured topcoat, engineered specifically to elevate the appearance and protection of aircraft exteriors. Offering exceptional gloss and distinctness of image (DOI), this topcoat ensures your aircraft maintains a pristine, high-quality aesthetic.
    Key features:
      Exceptional Performance: Eclipse White BAC7067 offers superior chemical and stain resistance along with flexibility, ensuring reliable protection for exterior aircraft. Pair it with AkzoNobel primers like 10P20-44, 10P20-44M, or 10P20-12 for enhanced performance that exceeds typical OEM requirements.
    •  Wide Compatibility: This topcoat meets stringent industry standards and has approvals from major entities such as Boeing BMS 10-60, BMS 10-72, and BMS 10-125. Its extensive compatibility ensures versatility and peace of mind in various aviation applications.
    The AkzoNobel ECL-G-10 Eclipse White the preferred choice for the aftermarket aircraft industry. Whether you're seeking to enhance protection, elevate aesthetics, or both, this topcoat delivers exceptional results. Its versatility and environmental compliance make it a trusted solution for achieving excellence in aviation coating, ensuring your aircraft maintains its allure and durability for years to come.
    Elevate your aircraft's appearance and protection with AkzoNobel's ECL-G-10 Eclipse White BAC7067. Experience the pinnacle of aviation coating excellence, backed by superior performance, extensive compatibility, and a commitment to industry-leading quality. Trust AkzoNobel to deliver results that exceed your expectations


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    AkzoNobel - Eclipse


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