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AkzoNobel 463-6-4/X-306 (1-USgl-Kit)

$571.39 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 30/Jun/2025

SVHC Material. For Non UK/EU Deliveries only; see 115315 for UK/EU.

warningHazardous Material

Introducing AKZONOBEL 463-6-4/X-306 (1-USGL-KIT): a premier chemically cured aluminized high-temperature epoxy coating. With robust protection against corrosive elements like water and fuels, it safeguards both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ideal for aircraft, it extends surface lifespan in harsh environments. Elevate your aircraft's protection now.


    The AKZONOBEL 463-6-4/X-306 (1-USGL-KIT) is a top-notch chemically cured aluminized high-temperature epoxy coating. Crafted with precision, it offers unparalleled protection to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals against a wide array of corrosive elements including fresh and salt water, aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluids, engine fuels, and other corrosion-causing media.
    Key features:
    • Chemical Cure: The chemically cured formula ensures a robust bond, enhancing the longevity of the coating.
    • Aluminized Composition: Its aluminized nature provides exceptional resistance against high temperatures, safeguarding metal surfaces from heat-induced damage.
    • Versatile Protection: Designed to shield against various corrosive elements including fresh and saltwater, aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluids, and engine fuels, offering comprehensive protection in diverse environments.
    • Corrosion Resistance: Provides a formidable barrier against corrosion, extending the lifespan of coated surfaces even in challenging conditions.
    Ideal for use in the aircraft industry, the AKZONOBEL 463-6-4/X-306 coating serves a multitude of purposes. It is perfect for protecting aircraft components, structures, and surfaces exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh operating environments. 
    Elevate your aircraft's protection with AKZONOBEL 463-6-4/X-306 coating.


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