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446-22-1002/X-530 (1-USgl-Kit)

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Expiry Date: 31/Jul/2024

warningHazardous Material

BLACK GLOSS BAC701 (1-US Gallon-Kit)


Product Overview:

The 22/23 Series High Solids Epoxy Topcoat is a chemically cured two-component epoxy topcoat that offers exceptional protection for aircraft components. Its primary purpose is to shield against various chemicals, hydraulic fluids, aviation fuels, phosphate ester (Skydrol®) fluids, and corrosion-inducing elements. With its high solids technology, this topcoat ensures compliance with VOC requirements set forth by SCAQMD Rule 1124.

Component (Curing Solution Thinner):

For optimal results, pair this topcoat with the appropriate gloss curing solution, such as the X-530 variant, to achieve a stunning, high-gloss finish.

Specifications and Manufacturer:

This product meets the rigorous requirements of leading aerospace entities, including Boeing, EADS (CASA), and Goodrich, such as BMS 10-11, Ty II, Cl B, Gr D, and Z-12.361/BMS 10-11, Ty II, CI B.


The gloss level varies depending on the specific series, ensuring flexibility in achieving the desired finish.

Storage and Shelf Life:

Store the product in a dry environment within a temperature range of 5°C to 38°C (40°F to 100°F) as per ANAC specification. Shelf life is typically 12 months under these conditions, but it may vary based on OEM specifications. Always refer to the container label for precise shelf life information.

For Professional Use Only:

This product is intended for professional use and is a vital component in the aftermarket aircraft industry.


Technical Specifications
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Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings


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