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PPG 09862620-QBEA (4-Ltr-Kit)

$911.40 excl VAT
Stock expected: 31 May 2024Stock location: UK
Introducing the PPG 09862620-QBEA (4-Ltr-Kit), a pinnacle of innovation for aircraft maintenance. Crafted for radomes and antenna fairings, its low conductivity ensures safety. Sandable and flexible, it adapts to various structures with ease. Elevate your aircraft maintenance with PPG's excellence.


    Unleash the power of innovation and reliability with the PPG 09862620-QBEA (4-Ltr-Kit). This kit, comprising the 5420/2620 anti-static polyurethane primer base and activator, stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the realm of aircraft maintenance and safety.

    Key features:

    • Type II Low Conductivity: Crafted specifically for use on radomes and antenna fairings, this primer base and activator duo ensures low conductivity, efficiently guiding electrostatic charges away from composite parts to the metallic structure of aircraft.
    • Compatibility: Versatility is key, and this product delivers. Compatible with a wide range of composite materials, it seamlessly integrates into various aircraft structures with ease.
    • Sandable: Precision matters, and with the sandable nature of this primer base, achieving the desired surface finish becomes a breeze, empowering maintenance crews with unparalleled control.
    • Good Flexibility: In the dynamic world of aviation, flexibility is paramount. This product boasts excellent flexibility, adapting seamlessly to the rigors of flight, ensuring longevity and durability.


    The PPG 09862620-QBEA (4-Ltr-Kit) is a vital component in aviation, serving various purposes such as radomes, antenna fairings, and composite structures.

    Your aircraft deserves nothing but the best. Choose PPG. Choose excellence.


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