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Armite VV-P-236 (1-lb-Tin)

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Introducing Armite's VV-P-236 Light Grade Lubricating Grease, designed for the aeronautic and aviation industries. This high-performance grease, with its unique amber color, paste form, and optimal viscosity, ensures superior lubrication and thermal stability. Ideal for light to moderate lubrication, it excels in providing reliable performance and protection for critical components. 
Product Features
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Technical Petrolatum VV-P-236
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    Armite's VV-P-236 Light Grade Lubricating Grease is a precision-engineered solution designed to meet the specific needs of the aeronautic and aviation industries. This high-performance grease is ideal for situations requiring low to moderate levels of lubrication, ensuring superior performance and protection for critical components.
    Key features:
    • Distinctive Amber Color: The VV-P-236 grease has a unique amber color, making it easily identifiable and providing visual confirmation of application.
    • Convenient Paste Form: Supplied as a paste, this grease allows for easy application, ensuring uniform coverage and adherence to surfaces.
    • Optimal Viscosity: With a kinematic viscosity of 14.0 cSt and a Saybolt viscosity of 71 at 212°F, this grease maintains excellent fluidity and resistance to shear forces, ensuring effective lubrication even under demanding conditions.
    • Thermal Stability: The grease features a drop point melt of 120°F (48.9°C) and an open-cup flash point exceeding 480°F (241°C), providing superior thermal stability and safety in high-temperature environments.
    VV-P-236 is perfect for light to moderate lubrication needs in the aeronautic and aviation sectors. It's not suitable for heavily loaded or hot-running bearings, but excels in lighter applications, providing reliable performance and protection.
    Elevate your aircraft maintenance with the reliable and high-performing VV-P-236 Light Grade Lubricating Grease by Armite


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