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TURBONYCOIL-3516 (5-Ltr-Can)

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Expiry Date: 31/Oct/2033
Introducing Turbonycoil 3516 (5-Ltr-Can): the pinnacle of aviation lubrication. Crafted for top-tier performance, its low viscosity ensures seamless operation in extreme conditions while its multi-purpose design offers comprehensive protection for various aircraft components. 


    Experience top-notch performance and reliability with Turbonycoil 3516 (5-Ltr-Can), a mineral turbine oil crafted for optimal functionality in a variety of aviation applications. Meticulously blended from mineral naphthenic base stocks and fortified with anti-oxidant additives, this oil boasts unparalleled resilience and versatility.
    Key features:
    • Low Viscosity: Turbonycoil 3516 exhibits a remarkable viscosity of 3 cSt at 100°C, ensuring smooth operation even under extreme conditions. Its low viscosity extends to temperatures as frigid as -60°C, making it an ideal choice for the cold components of aircraft engines and airframes.
    • Multi-Purpose: Versatility is the hallmark of Turbonycoil 3516. Serving as a multi-purpose lubricant, it caters to a wide array of aircraft parts, offering comprehensive protection and performance enhancement.
    From turbines and accessories like APU, starters, to IDG, Turbonycoil 3516 (5-Ltr-Can) stands as the lubricant of choice for both commercial and military aircraft. Its utility extends to first-generation helicopters, where it ensures optimal functioning and longevity. Additionally, it serves admirably as a preservation oil for aircraft engine fuel control systems, safeguarding critical components during storage.
    Don't settle for anything less than excellence, make Turbonycoil 3516 (5-Ltr-Can) your lubricant of choice today and soar to new heights of success.


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