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Eastman SKYDROL-LD-4 (1-Usqt-Can)

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Expiry Date: 13/Jul/2032
Introducing Skydrol LD-4: the premier fluid for aviation. With low density and unmatched thermal stability, it's the go-to for aircraft hydraulic systems, landing gear, and brakes. Prevent valve erosion, control deposits, and ensure top-notch performance.


    Skydrol LD-4 is a high-quality fluid designed specifically for the demands of the aircraft industry. With its low density and exceptional thermal stability, it stands out as the gold standard among Type IV fluids. 

    Key features:
    • Low Density: Skydrol LD-4 boasts a low density, making it lightweight and efficient, ideal for aircraft systems where weight is a critical factor.
    • Excellent Thermal Stability: Even under real-world conditions, Skydrol LD-4 maintains outstanding thermal stability, ensuring reliable performance in various temperatures.
    • Valve Erosion Prevention: This fluid is formulated to prevent valve erosion, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of aircraft systems, reducing maintenance requirements.
    • Deposit Control: Skydrol LD-4 effectively controls deposits, minimizing the risk of clogs or malfunctions in crucial aircraft components, thus ensuring optimal performance.
    Skydrol LD-4 is suitable for a wide range of applications within the aircraft industry, including hydraulic systems, landing gear, and brakes. Its reliability and performance make it an essential choice for aircraft manufacturers, maintenance facilities, and operators seeking superior fluid solutions.
    For unparalleled reliability and performance in aircraft hydraulic systems, choose Skydrol LD-4. Elevate your aviation experience today!


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