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ROYCO-481 (1-gal-Drum)

$184.68 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 22/Mar/2027
LUBRICANT (1-Gallon-Drum)


ROYCO® 481 is a mineral oil based lubricant formulated with modern additives to provide oxidation and corrosion protection as well as high viscosity index for both low and high temperature fluidity. ROYCO® 481 is approved as a P-10 preservative under MILSTD-2073-1C for use in gas turbine engines and fuel systems. ROYCO® 481 is recommended for lubrication of gas turbine engine components and as a flushing and preservative fluid for aircraft fuel systems and components. The high viscosity index provides for operation in a wide range of operating temperatures in high-speed turbines as well as gas turbine engines. ROYCO® 481 may also be considered as the primary turbine engine lubricant in many aircraft turbine engines designed to run on mineral based lubricants.


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