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ROYCO-44 (794-Gram-Tin)

$182.84 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 12/Sep/2026
Introducing Royco 44 Lubricant – your ticket to unmatched performance and reliability in aerospace and industrial settings. Elevate your maintenance routine with our heavy-duty formula, consistent texture, and electrical conductivity. Experience peak performance and longevity with every application.


    Unlock unparalleled performance and reliability with Royco 44 Lubricant, now available in a convenient 794g tin. Crafted for aerospace and industrial applications, this synthetic lubricant exceeds expectations, ensuring optimal protection while adhering to the rigorous MIL-PRF-81322G standards.

    Key features:
    • Heavy-Duty Formula: Royco 44 boasts a robust anti-seize compound comprising graphite and technical petrolatum, specifically designed for aircraft engine spark plugs, igniters, and threaded fasteners and fittings.
    • Consistent Texture: With a modeling clay-like consistency, Royco 44 is easy to apply and ensures uniform coverage, minimizing the risk of uneven lubrication.
    • Electrical Conductivity: Engineered to provide electrically conductive properties, this compound is ideal for applications requiring an anti-seize compound or torque aid on threaded aircraft engine accessories.
    Royco 44 is indispensable for a range of critical applications, including anti-seize protection for threaded fasteners, fittings, spark plugs, igniters, and similar threaded aircraft engine accessories. Its electrically conductive nature makes it a reliable choice for ensuring smooth operation and longevity in aerospace and industrial settings. Whether you're maintaining aircraft engines or tackling industrial machinery, Royco 44 delivers consistent performance and peace of mind.
    Elevate your maintenance routine with Royco 44 Lubricant – the ultimate solution for ensuring peak performance and longevity in aerospace and industrial applications. Experience the difference with our heavy-duty formula, consistent texture, electrical conductivity, and compatibility with corrosion-resistant metals. 


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