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ROCOL-AEROSPEC-400 (3-kg-Ctnr)

$387.84 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 30/Apr/2026
Introducing Rocol Aerospec 400: the premier aerospace grease engineered for peak performance in aviation. With a wide temperature range, high load capability, and exceptional longevity, it safeguards critical components from wear and tear. Ideal for anti-friction bearings, gearboxes, and more, it ensures reliability in extreme conditions, reducing maintenance costs.


    Rocol Aerospec 400 is a top-tier aerospace grease meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance across a diverse array of components within the aviation industry. Its robust formulation ensures optimal functionality in demanding environments, safeguarding critical mechanisms from wear and tear.
    Key features:
    • Wide Temperature Range: From -54°C to +175°C, providing unparalleled protection in both freezing cold and scorching hot conditions.
    • High Load Performance: Utilizing lithium complex soap technology and EP additives to maintain operational integrity under heavy loads.
    • Longevity: Its fully synthetic base oil minimizes residue, extending operational lifespan even at elevated temperatures.
    • Oxidation Resistance: Highly resistant to oxidation, prolonging lubrication intervals and reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs.
    Suitable for a broad spectrum of aerospace applications, Rocol Aerospec 400 excels in environments characterized by extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and corrosive elements. It is ideal for use in anti-friction bearings, plain bearings, gearboxes, and various other critical mechanisms, offering reliability and longevity under diverse operational conditions.
    Experience the unmatched performance of Rocol Aerospec 400 and elevate your aerospace lubrication standards to new heights. 


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