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PL237-R2 (1-Ltr-Tin)

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Expiry Date: 28/Feb/2025

warningHazardous Material

PL237-R2 Moly Disulphide Lubricant (1-Litre-Tin) provides exceptional lubrication performance, fortified with advanced molybdenum disulphide additives for optimal friction reduction and wear protection in industrial applications.  


    Introducing the PL237-R2 (1-Ltr-Tin) MOLY DISULPHIDE DRY FILM LUBRICANT, a high-performance lubricating solution designed for the most demanding applications in the aerospace industry.


    • MSRR 9274
    • RPS661/9
    • Rolls Royce Code: 110566
    • OMat 4/43
    • Kawasaki JMSRR 9276
    • NSN: 91-5099-430-9538
    • MTU spec MTS-1013A-02
    • KHI-JMSRR9274
    • Cobham Mission Systems (Flight Re-Fueling) DS16.71_3

    Key Performance Features:

    • High Temperature Resistance: This lubricant can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C (570°F), ensuring consistent performance even under extreme heat.
    • Chemical Resistance: It is resistant to Skydrol, Ester lubricants, and corrosive engine by-products, guaranteeing reliable lubrication in harsh chemical environments.
    • Wear Protection: Designed to provide superior protection against wear and pitting, extending the service life of critical components.
    • Environmental Compliance: Developed in collaboration with Rolls Royce to meet stringent environmental regulations, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

    Alternative to MolyKote 3400A: Often used as a reliable alternative to MolyKote 3400A, this lubricant offers similar performance with added benefits.

    Thinner: Supplied Ready for Use (RFU) with options for IP9151 or 665-550-025, with the latter being preferred.

    Storage and Shelf Life: Please note that this lubricant is highly flammable and should be stored and used in accordance with flammable liquid regulations. Shelf life is 12 months in temperate conditions and 6 months in tropical environments. Always refer to the Product Safety Data Sheet before use.


    Technical Specifications
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    Indestructible Paint


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