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NOX-RUST-VCI-10 (5-USgl-Pail)

$515.26 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 05/Apr/2026
Introducing Nox Rust VCI-10 (5-Usgl-Pail): Your ultimate solution for safeguarding ferrous metal components. Forming a resilient protective film, it ensures long-term defense against rust, extending the life of enclosed systems. Protect your equipment with confidence—choose Nox Rust VCI-10.


    Nox Rust VCI-10 (5-Usgl-Pail) is a cutting-edge volatile corrosion inhibitive lubricating oil designed to safeguard ferrous metal components within enclosed systems. Merging the protective attributes of a preservative oil with advanced volatile corrosion inhibitors, Nox Rust VCI-10 ensures prolonged defense against rust within closed environments or voids.

    Key features:

    • Metal Protection: Forms a robust preservative oil film upon contact, shielding the underlying metal from corrosion below the oil level.
    • Long-Term Durability: Extends the operational life of enclosed systems by thwarting the onset of rust and corrosion.


    Nox Rust VCI-10 (5-Usgl-Pail) is indispensable for preserving ferrous metal parts in enclosed systems. Its versatile application extends to various settings, including fuel tanks, storage tanks, cylinders, transmissions, metal containers, gear housings, clutch compartments, and beyond.

    Don't let rust and corrosion compromise your equipment's performance. Invest in Nox Rust VCI-10 (5-Usgl-Pail). 


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