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NOX-RUST-VCI-10 (5-USgl-Pail)

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Product Overview:

NOX-RUST VCI-10 is a high-performance, volatile corrosion inhibiting lubricating oil meticulously engineered for the preservation of ferrous metal parts in enclosed systems. It is specifically designed to excel where conventional lubricating or preservative oils fall short. This exceptional formula creates a protective shield that not only covers metal surfaces but also releases vaporizing rust inhibitors into the surrounding voids, effectively neutralizing moisture-induced corrosion.


The applications for NOX-RUST VCI-10 are diverse and versatile, making it a must-have for a wide range of industries. It is ideal for use in preserving enclosed systems such as fuel tanks, storage tanks, cylinders, transmissions, metal containers, gear housings, clutch compartments, crankcases, hydraulic and coolant circulating systems. Whether you're storing farm equipment during the winter, safeguarding school buses and snow plows in the summer, or protecting auto and truck body sections during shipments, NOX-RUST VCI-10 has you covered.

Here's how you can use NOX-RUST VCI-10 in different scenarios:

  • Prevent corrosion in clutch assemblies by fogging three ounces into each chamber.
  • Safeguard hydraulic cylinders and circulating systems by adding 2% NOX-RUST VCI-10 to the hydraulic test oil.
  • Protect diesel injection systems by fogging into fuel tanks. Ensure crankshafts, bearings, rocker arms, and other lubricated surfaces remain rust-free by adding 1% NOX-RUST VCI-10 to crankcase oil.
  • Keep diesel or gasoline engine upper cylinder walls and valves corrosion-free with eight ounces introduced through the air filter.
  • Enhance transmission lubricant with 2% NOX-RUST VCI-10.

Surface Preparation:

To achieve maximum performance, it's essential to prepare the metal surfaces properly. Ensure they are clean, dry, and free of rust, oil, and mill scale. Daubert Chemical Company recommends applying NOX-RUST VCI-10 when the metal substrate temperature ranges from 50-95°F (10-35°C).


NOX-RUST VCI-10 is easy to use and formulated for ready-to-use application. Its consistent consistency doesn't require continuous stirring. You can apply it through spray or dip methods, making it convenient for various industrial needs.


While NOX-RUST VCI-10 is incredibly effective, it's essential to use it with adequate ventilation and exercise caution. Partially cured film should not be exposed to ignition sources such as flares, flames, sparks, excessive heat, or torches. Always refer to Daubert's Material Safety Data Sheet for additional handling and first aid information.


For optimal results, it's recommended not to apply any additional product over or under this coating, as it may lead to chemical incompatibility and impact performance. If the use of a different product is necessary, written authorization from Daubert Chemical Company is required.

In summary, NOX-RUST VCI-10 is your go-to solution for preserving ferrous metal components in enclosed systems. Trust in its advanced technology, ease of application, and unbeatable protection against rust and corrosion. Don't let your valuable assets deteriorate – choose NOX-RUST VCI-10 today and experience the ultimate in corrosion inhibition and lubrication.


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