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PTFE RELEASE AGENT (14-Ounce-Aerosol)


    Miller-Stephenson MS-122XD is a PTFE Dry-Film Lubricant / Release Agent that contains a suspension of low molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fluoropolymers – white, waxy particles of PTFE in an easy to apply form. The outstanding lubricity and low coefficient of friction of PTFE is perfect for use as a dry film lubricant and as a release agent in molding operations. MS-122XD and MS-143XD are excellent release agents with the added advantage of superior release action in the initial cycles. They work well for all applications. As a dry lubricant, they are a very good general purpose lubricant, which produces a uniform coating, good surface adhesion, and minimization of mechanical wear. MS-122XD offers the following benefits: Efficient dry lubricant with low coefficient of friction Fast dry time leaving a lubricous, robust, and ultra-thin film coating Utilizes proprietary, low molecular weight PTFE Zero to minimal transfer and non-staining as a release agent Non-flammable; 100% non-ozone depleting


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    Miller-Stephenson Chemical Company Inc


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