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Expiry Date: 09/Aug/2028
Introducing Molykote U-N Paste: precision-crafted solid lubricant with synthetic carrier oil. Engineered for diverse settings, excelling in assembly, running-in processes, and enduring high temperatures. Reduce friction, withstand heavy loads, and ensure lasting performance up to 450°C.Ideal for high-temperature applications like foundry ladles, furnace bearings, and ironing presses.


    Molykote U-N Paste (50-Gm-Tube) is an advanced solid lubricant paste meticulously crafted with a synthetic carrier oil. Engineered to excel in diverse settings, this formulation is tailored for assembly, running-in processes, and enduring lubrication of components enduring high temperatures.
    Key features:
    • Reduced Friction and Wear: Minimizes friction, ensuring prolonged equipment longevity by safeguarding against wear and tear. 
    • High Load Capacity: Demonstrates remarkable strength, capable of supporting heavy loads without compromising performance.
    • High Temperature Resistance: Performs dry lubrication up to 450°C. 
    Molykote U-N Paste is the preferred choice for the assembly, running-in, and enduring lubrication of components operating in high-temperature environments. Its versatility extends across various applications, including but not limited to the sliding bearings of foundry ladles and conveyors, bearings within furnace and shuttle kilns, and the joints of ironing presses, where it has consistently delivered optimal results.
    Take the first step towards enhanced operational efficiency and equipment longevity. Get your supply of Molykote U-N Paste (50-Gm-Tube) today.


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