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Expiry Date: 09/Jun/2027
Introducing Molykote GN-PLUS (1-Kg-Tin): a robust solid lubricant paste crafted for metal components. With enhanced load capacity, anti-corrosion properties, and stick-slip protection, it ensures reliable performance under heavy loads, prolongs component lifespan, and facilitates easy maintenance.


    Molykote GN-PLUS (1-Kg-Tin) is a solid lubricant paste for the assembly and running-in of metal components. It is a highly versatile product formulated from mineral oils and solid lubricants.
    Key features:
    • Enhanced Load Capacity: With a robust load-carrying capacity, it ensures reliable performance under heavy loads.
    • Anti-Corrosion Properties: Engineered to resist corrosion, it effectively mitigates fretting corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of components.
    • Stick-Slip Protection: Protects surfaces from stick-slip, facilitating easy disassembly of components for maintenance or repair.
    Molykote GN-PLUS can be used for press-fit production of various machine elements and as a running-in lubricant for machines and gearboxes. It can also be employed as a lubricator for threaded spindles, splined shafts, toothed gears, worm and transmission gears, screws, valves, pumps, and machine-tool guides and also for the tightening and fitting of roller bearings, washers, wheels, flanges and bolts.
    Experience the superior performance and versatility of Molykote GN-PLUS (1-Kg-Tin) for your metal components.


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