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MOLYKOTE-55 (1-kg-Tin)

$145.83 excl VAT
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Introducing MOLYKOTE® 55 O-Ring Grease: the pinnacle of lubrication innovation. Crafted with a silicone-based formula, it ensures optimal performance for rubber O-rings and seals, offering excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion protection (-65 to 175°C). From aircraft to automotive, its versatility enhances system efficiency. Elevate your operations with MOLYKOTE®.


    Molykote 55 O-Ring Grease stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in lubrication solutions. Crafted with a silicone-based formula, this grease ensures optimal lubrication and sealing performance, especially for rubber O-rings and seals. From aircraft to automotive and various industrial applications, it excels in providing exceptional oxidation resistance and corrosion protection across a wide temperature spectrum (-65 to 175°C).

    Key features:

    • Excellent Oxidation Resistance: Ensures prolonged service life even under challenging conditions.
    •  Good Corrosion Protection: Safeguards metal components from corrosion, enhancing durability.
    •  Wide Service-Temperature Range: From -65 to 175°C (-85 to 347°F), making it versatile for diverse applications.4. Compatibility: Compatible with a range of plastics and elastomers, ensuring broad applicability.


    Molykote 55 O-Ring Grease finds its application in lubricating rubber and metal parts within pneumatic systems across various sectors, including aircraft, automotive, and general industrial settings. Its ability to slightly swell rubber O-rings and seals ensures positive lubrication and sealing, enhancing overall system performance and longevity.

    Experience the unmatched performance and reliability of Molykote55 O-Ring Grease for your lubrication needs. Enhance system efficiency, longevity, and reliability across diverse applications. Contact us today to discover how Molykote can elevate your operations.


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