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    Product Description:

    NYCO's HYDRAUNYCOIL-FH42 is a high-performance synthetic hydraulic fluid engineered to meet the stringent demands of modern aircraft. This exceptional product boasts a unique formulation based on Polyalphaolefin (PAO) and esters, featuring a precisely calibrated viscosity of 7 cSt at 40°C. Designed with the utmost precision, it stands as a reliable solution to ensure optimal hydraulic system performance across a wide temperature spectrum, ranging from -54°C to a scorching +200°C, for extended periods without the risk of significant evaporation or changes in viscosity. Its primary purpose is to safeguard your critical components, preventing wear and seizure, and maintaining consistent performance throughout the most challenging conditions.


    HYDRAUNYCOIL-FH42 finds its versatile utility in an array of essential aerospace and defense applications, ensuring the impeccable functioning of hydraulic systems.

    Here are some of the key areas where this remarkable fluid excels:

    • Shock Strut Fluid for Landing Gear Absorbers: The fluid's exceptional properties make it an ideal choice for shock strut applications, ensuring smooth and reliable landing gear operation even under extreme conditions.
    • Helicopter Systems: In the demanding world of helicopter aviation, HYDRAUNYCOIL-FH42 provides dependable hydraulic support, ensuring precision control and safety during flight.
    • Landing Gear Fluid: Vital for ensuring safe take-offs and landings, this fluid is a critical component in landing gear systems, guaranteeing optimal performance and reducing the risk of failure.
    • Fire-Resistant Enhancement: HYDRAUNYCOIL-FH42 offers fire-resistant characteristics, providing an additional layer of safety in critical applications where fire risk is a concern.
    • Leak Testing: When you need to test the integrity of your hydraulic systems, rely on HYDRAUNYCOIL-FH42 to facilitate accurate and dependable leak testing.
    • Test Bench: In research, development, and quality control environments, this hydraulic fluid ensures the precise operation of test benches, contributing to reliable data and results.
    • Hydraulic Actuators: These essential components rely on HYDRAUNYCOIL-FH42 to function smoothly and efficiently, supporting various aircraft.


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