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COR-BAN27L (5-floz-Tube)

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Expiry Date: 27/Oct/2026
Introducing Cor-Ban 27L, a top-tier corrosion inhibiting compound meeting QPL for BMS 3-38 standards and identified by NSN 6850-01-469-7645. With a non-toxic composition, it operates effectively from -65°F to 180°F and withstands brief exposures to 500°F. Ideal for aerospace static joints, it ensures smooth, lump-free application and robust protection.


    Cor-Ban 27L is a superior corrosion inhibiting compound that meets the stringent requirements of the QPL for BMS 3-38 and is identified by NSN 6850-01-469-7645. Engineered to offer robust protection, Cor-Ban 27L is a non-drying, wide-temperature range solution specifically designed for static joint applications across various substrates. 
    Key features:
    • Non-Toxic Composition: Cor-Ban 27L is free from harmful substances such as chromates, asbestos, MoS2, and graphite, making it safe for users and the environment.
    • Wide Temperature Range: It operates effectively between -65°F to 180°F, with successful applications reported in gearboxes reaching up to 280°F, and can endure brief exposures to temperatures as high as 500°F.
    • Smooth and Uniform Application: The product's smooth, paste-like consistency ensures a lump-free application, forming a uniform, non-drying film that guarantees excellent corrosion resistance.
    • Versatile Application Methods: Suitable for application with a spatula or brush at ambient temperatures, Cor-Ban 27L can be pre-heated for easier spreading. 
    Cor-Ban 27L is ideal for static joint applications in the aerospace industry, providing reliable protection for aircraft structures and components. Its versatility and resilience make it suitable for use on a wide range of metal substrates, including those exposed to extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions. 
    Ensure your aircraft components remain protected with Cor-Ban 27L


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