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BRAYCOTE-248 (35-lb-Drum)

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Expiry Date: 25/Aug/2025


Braycote 248: Long-term corrosion protection for metal surfaces. Ideal for aerospace bearings. MIL-C-11796C Class 3 qualified.


    Braycote™ 248, crafted by renowned manufacturer Castrol, is a highly effective corrosion preventive product designed specifically for the aftermarket aircraft industry. This top-notch solution ensures the protection of machined, unpainted metal surfaces, shielding them from the negative impact of indoor or shed exposure for periods lasting over six months.

    Key Features:

    • Designed for the aftermarket aircraft industry
    • Preserves anti-friction bearings during storage or shipment
    • Application Methods: dipping, brushing, swabbing, hot spray
    • Optimal performance on clean, dry, and rust-free surfaces
    • Available in various packaging options
    • Meets MIL-C-11796C, Class 3 specification
    • Easy removal through solvent or steam cleaning

    Braycote 248 offers versatility in application, providing flexibility in both temperature and method. It can be applied through dipping at controlled temperatures or brushed/swabbed at room temperature for softer grease-like consistency. Elevated temperatures are suitable for oil-like consistency, while hot spray applications cover larger equipment pieces effectively. The product's efficacy is maximized when applied to well-prepared surfaces free of rust, oil, and mill scale.

    When it's time to remove the protective layer, Braycote 248 simplifies the process. Solvent or steam cleaning methods ensure hassle-free removal, leaving surfaces clean and ready for use.

    In essence, Braycote™ 248 by Castrol is the ultimate corrosion prevention partner for the aftermarket aircraft industry. Its targeted design, versatile application, premium packaging, and adherence to strict specifications make it the go-to choice for safeguarding valuable metal components. Trust in the excellence of Braycote 248 to enhance your corrosion prevention strategy and uphold the integrity of your aircraft components.


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