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AeroShell ASG14 (3-kg-Tin)

$138.24 excl VAT
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Expiry Date: 18/May/2028
Introducing AeroShell Grease 14: Elevate your aircraft's performance with our trusted aerospace lubricant, now in a convenient 3kg tin. Engineered for excellence, it offers unmatched protection and anti-fret properties, ensuring smooth operation in any condition. Ideal for helicopter applications, including main and tail rotor bearings.


    Experience top-notch lubrication with AeroShell Grease 14, now packaged conveniently in a 3kg tin. This renowned aerospace lubricant ensures impeccable performance and protection for vital aircraft components.
    Key features:
    • Trusted Formulation: AeroShell Grease 14 is a helicopter multi-purpose grease crafted from a mineral oil thickened with a calcium soap. Its proven formula is trusted by industry professionals worldwide.
    • Anti-Fret Properties: With exceptional anti-fret and anti-moisture corrosion properties, this grease provides unparalleled protection, even in demanding conditions.
    • Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance: Engineered to resist oxidation and corrosion, AeroShell Grease 14 maintains its integrity over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, this grease operates reliably within a range of -54°C to +93°C, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.

    AeroShell Grease 14 is the go-to choice for helicopter lubrication, approved by all major helicopter manufacturers. Its anti-fret properties make it ideal for main and tail rotor bearings, splines, and other critical components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

    Elevate your aircraft maintenance standards with AeroShell Grease 14. Trust in its proven formulation to deliver unmatched performance and protection for your valuable assets. Upgrade to AeroShell Grease 14 today for smoother operations and enhanced reliability.


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