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AeroShell ASF3 (450-ml-Tspy)

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Expiry Date: 06/Apr/2026
Introducing AeroShell Fluid 3 (ASF3), the go-to solution for aircraft lubrication needs. With a blend of reliability and performance, ASF3 excels in diverse aviation environments. Its features include balanced viscosity, corrosion protection, low freezing point, and wide temperature range.


    AeroShell Fluid 3 (ASF3) is the trusted choice for aircraft lubrication needs, offering a blend of reliability, versatility, and performance. As a general-purpose mineral lubricating oil, it excels in various aircraft applications, ensuring smooth operation even in extreme conditions.

    Key Features:

    • General-Purpose Lubricant: Designed for the lubrication of aircraft parts requiring a light oil, ASF3 stands out with its balanced viscosity and exceptional low-temperature characteristics.
    •  Inhibited Against Oxidation and Corrosion: With built-in protection, ASF3 guards against the harmful effects of oxidation and corrosion, ensuring the longevity of crucial aircraft components.
    •  Low Freezing Point: Its low freezing point ensures consistent performance even in frigid conditions, providing peace of mind during critical operations.
    •  Wide Operating Temperature Range: From -54°C to +121°C, ASF3 maintains its integrity across a broad spectrum of temperatures, making it suitable for diverse aviation environments.


    AeroShell Fluid 3 finds its place in a myriad of aircraft components, including hinges, pivot joints, shaft joints, linkage pins, bearings, pulleys, cables, camera mechanisms, radio and radar gear, and instruments. Its ease of application via oil can or brush makes it ideal for routine maintenance tasks, earning it the moniker of 'an oilcan lubricant.'

    For optimal aircraft performance and longevity, trust AeroShell Fluid 3 to deliver unmatched lubrication quality. Whether you're a seasoned aviation professional or an enthusiast, ensure the smooth operation of your aircraft with ASF3. Upgrade to AeroShell Fluid 3 today and experience reliability at every altitude.


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